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FACT: 1 in 5 Vehicles Will Have a Breakdown This Year

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For most people, a vehicle is the second most expensive thing they will purchase in their life next to a home. Unfortunately, vehicles break down, which is why experts recommend all drivers carry an auto warranty. The dealership where you purchase your vehicle will usually offer a warranty for the first 3 to 4 years, but once that expires you become completely vulnerable. We all know how expensive unexpected auto repairs can be, especially since mechanics can charge in excess of  $200 per hour for labor alone. Don’t become another statistic. Let Complete Car Warranty help you save money today!




Disclosure: / Complete Car, LLC  offers Protection Plans or Vehicle Service Contracts (VSC) may be referred to as “extended car warranty”, or “auto warranty”. A VSC is not a warranty but provides repair coverage on vehicles after the manufacturer’s vehicle warranty has expired and states what is or is not covered as well as the length of time the contract is valid. Each fully executed VSC contract is by and between whoever is the signee, the vehicle owner, and the VSC provider or administrator. 

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