September 12, 2017


Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing refers to earning commissions through the promotion of other's products and services. Affiliating with significant people in your industry can help you achieve high performing business standards. TechBbooks helps you become an influential affiliate in your industry and guides you through it.

Social Media Marketing

In the age where being Social is the only way to survive, a business cannot refuse to accept the critical need of going Social. Social Media Marketing helps your business gain traction and leads through various Social Media platforms. TechBbooks specializes in constructing strategies that makes your brand visible online.

Video Advertising

Living in a generation that gives special emphasis to motion pictures, one cannot overlook the importance of Video Advertising. It is the art of popularizing your brands through unique and novel videos. TechBbooks knows exactly how to capitalize on these videos and give you the best of it. Designing a perfect strategy to make your videos spotted is what we specialize at.

Design and Development

Your Website the face of your brand and having a glowing face is absolutely necessary. TechBbooks designs website that is aligned with your brand culture and reflects your values through it. Be it Static, Dynamic or E-Commerce, you name it and we can make it. Our experts developers have the ability to develop advanced and responsive portals.

Search Engine Marketing

Wish to become Google's Best Friend? Search Engine Marketing is the tonic that can help you come closer to Google. TechBbooks understands your customer base and helps you appear on top when your customers look for you.

Adwords & PPC

'Keywords' is a word that you must be familiar with. Advertising through these keywords is what Adwords and PPC is all about. Our team of experts are well-aware of how to precisely target relevant keywords and generate real-time leads

Media Planning & Buying

Media Planning & Buying is a process of purchasing ad placements that is backed up by strategy, planning and negotiation. TechBbooks helps you device an optimum strategy that would help you reap the benefits of ad placements. It also guides you through ad-spaces and helps you choose the best one. TechBbooks acts as your guardian walks along with you when it comes Media Planning and Buying.

Mobile Advertising

You must have seen ads on your cell phones. Ever wondered what is it? Well, Mobile Advertising is one of the most influential yet less used type of advertising. The ads that appear on your Smart phones, Tablets and other similar devices are a part of Mobile Advertising. TechBbooks knows how to optimally use this medium and helps clients achieve higher profits through Mobile Advertising.